Holiday Planning Advice for All Travel Personalities

With so many exciting package holidays to choose from these days, it can be a challenge to dzgjhyjdecide whether or not certain travel specials will appeal to your unique personality and individual expectations. Let us take a look at some holiday planning tips for travellers of all types.

The Balanced Traveller

You enjoy a mixture of relaxation and activity, socialisation and quiet time. You delight in meeting new people but also want to spend some time reflecting and rejuvenating. As a result, you might want to consider a cruise. When you go on a cruise, you will have the chance to meet new people, see some extraordinary sights, and enjoy a bit of luxury on the side, too. Cruises, although different from conventional holidays, are great for those who are looking to do something new without compromising on their overall experience.

The Luxury Seeker

You go on holiday purely to relax in the lap of luxury. You refuse to settle for anything less than the finest hotels in the area. If this is your travelling personality type, you should consider visiting cities such as

Make Your Honeymoon in The Emerald Isles of Maldives

Wonderful beaches, pristine water and Sun where divers can see as far as more than forty fbhgnmeters away-that’s what Maldives islands is all about. Beside from beaches and water activities, the islands also offer a cessation from day to day hubbub. With a number of picturesque beaches and low population of them, this is why many of the newly married couples visit here to the sun-kissed perfection that is the Maldives to indulge in the honeymoon of a lifetime.

For those people who wish to simply soak in the sunny environment while working on a tan on sandy beaches could not search for a better destination than the Maldives. Being an island enclave of more than 1000 islands, the Maldives consist of a myriad of secluded islands where couples can truly get away into a heaven of their own making. Known for sunny weather all year long, newly wed couples can enjoy surf, sand and sun while more adventurous couples can go for a tour of the islands on board a cruise ship. If you are a cruise lover, don’t forget to trip to the Hulhule Island and

Why Use a Travel Agent

People try to cobble together the best deals on their entire trip from many different sources, in dfhgfnthe hopes of coming up with the perfect solution.

Sadly, this approach does not always work out. Priceline and other sites will leave you high and dry if you book one of their itineraries with inadequate time between international connecting flights. If you choose one of their packages including the rental car, the hotel, and the flight, then your whole trip can go down the drain if you hit an unexpected delay and miss a connecting flight. It’s a huge risk, and one that can make all those so-called savings go away in an instant if you are faced with cancellation of non-refundable services.

That’s why for the serious traveler, it is still best to go with an experienced travel agent. They are professionals with all of the knowledge and tools at their fingertips to make your trip a success. They even have the inside scoop on some even deeper discounts that you may not know about. Travel agents have a bottomless bag of tips and tricks to help you

The Top Places to Visit in Spain

Are you looking for a wonderful holiday destination? Spain comes out to be the top holiday destination for most Europeans. With the antiquated past of Spain, it is no big surprise that this country is regularly the one discussed, when chronicled spots are examined. If you are one of the individuals who relish the old fashioned sentiment that you can get from chronicled spots, you will love to spend your holidays in Spain. Some of the top places to visit in Spain are discussed below. You can also add these places in your list to visit when you will Spain.


This is an absolute necessity to see this place when on an outing to Spain. Madrid is genuinely a glorious spot to visit for such a large number of reasons. If you love to enjoy night life, then Madrid is the best place for you. This spot truly wakes up when the sun goes down. So this is the best holiday destination for the people who love night parties. The night life of Madrid is very exciting and extraordinary and as such very popular. Regardless of the fact that you like some basic things or

Explore The Wonders of The Sea at Adams Hotel in Parga

Travelers seeking natural beauty combined with multi activity beach holidays in the form of water sports need not look any further than Parga, Greece. Located within the greater area of Epirus which is renowned for its natural beauty and is blessed with some of the finest beaches in northwestern Greece, Parga offers incredible choice, be that for travelers seeking a quiet getaway or a cosmopolitan seaside retreat with amazing water sports, cafes and taverns.

The Adams Hotel in Parga is an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding beaches and partake in an incredible array of water sports. With its close proximity to the sea, this sea view hotel in parga is located in an area of incredible natural beauty complete with olive trees and verdant vegetation. With its friendly atmosphere, the family hotel in Parga is ideal for travelers seeking relaxing vacations in a comfortable environment. With its 42 beautifully appointed rooms, studios and apartments, the Parga hotel offers an idyllic home away from home experience as all of its accommodations are fitted with modern conveniences and amenities whilst being incredible pleasing on the eye. Airy and light, they also come complete with spacious private

Explore the Mystic Land of Tibet

Visiting Tibet is one of its kinds of experience. The holy and mysterious land has always lured the travellers from all across the world. Known as the roof of the world, Tibet has given a chance to the visitors to unveil this pure and scared place. A trip to Tibet will give you a chance to experience high plateaus and breath-taking views. The stunning Himalayas are an additional charm to the place. The capital of Tibet, Lhasa inherits the number of palaces and temples, few of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. The snow-covered mountains, beautiful lakes, serene environment and astonishing landscapes make this place a must-visit site, once in your lifetime. Monasteries and local Tibetan people will give you the amazing taste of Tibetan culture. Although, you have a lot of places to roam around during your Tibet trip, but you should definitely visit following places:

Jokhang Temple

Located in the centre of Tibet, this temple has its own beliefs. Every year so many pilgrims come here to say their prayers.

Potala Palace

This palace is worth watching if you are in Tibet. It is situated in Lhasa and was the residence of

The 5 Most Relaxing Places to Visit before You Die

The New Year is well underway and has left most of us yearning for the glorious relaxation and serenity that we experienced while on holiday just a few weeks ago. If you are sitting at your desk feeling frazzled and in need of a break, why not plan your future holidays? Here is a list of the top five most relaxing places to visit before you die.

Easter Island

This quiet, mysterious island is located in Chile and is a wonderful holiday destination to consider if you are looking to get away from the norms of daily life. Scattered all over the island are majestic stone structures that are famous for being some of the most revered ancient relics known to man. Little is known about these structures, but one thing is for sure – they definitely add a mysterious, calm, yet enticing air to the island, making it a destination that you simply have to visit at least once in your lifetime!

Chiang Mai

If your idea of a relaxing holiday is being pampered in 5 star hotels and being surrounded by beautiful scenery, this is the place for you. The tranquil Chiang